weLaika has created a lot of tools for developers, powered by years of experience in
WordPress web development, to improve your coding workflow.

They're, obviously, open source.

This page collects them all.


A modern development approach to use contemporary coding patterns and tools.


The development is faster if you can reduce problems, common errors and application debug.


Automation of recurring tasks makes no errors possible. Delegate all repetitive and complex actions to a dedicated software!


Everything you can find here is open source. It's the best way to have always up to date and debugged software.



Wordless is an opinionated WordPress plugin that dramatically speeds up and enhances your custom themes creation. With Wordless you have a structured, organized and clean theme organization (inspired by Ruby on Rails). You can create a new theme skeleton within the WordPress back end interface, you can write PHP code using HAML, you can write CSS using SASS syntax and Compass framework, you can write Javascript in Coffeescript and you have a growing set of handy and documented helper functions, ready to be used within your views, and much more.

Wordless gem

[ˈwərdˈles ˈdʒem]

A command line tool to help manage your Wordless-based WordPress sites. Moreover you can easily install a new WordPress site with the latest WordPress version, localized in your language, Wordless plugin, a new Wordless theme, database, the famous five-minutes installation, wp-cli and wp server with... one line command!

Wordless gem

[ˈwərdˈles ˈdʒem]

Wordless Extender

[ˈwərdˈles ɪkˈstendər]

WordPress needs collateral recurring tasks. With this plugin you can: use a plugin manager, never change a winning team! With this plugin collection you can cover the 90% of developing needs; manage constants in wp-config.php file; apply security fixes directly from "hardening WordPress" official guide; integrated with Wordless plugin.


[ˈwərd ˈmuːv]

Wordmove is a nice little gem that lets you automatically mirror local WordPress installations and DB data back and forth to the remote staging or production server. SSH and FTP connections are both supported.
Think of it like Capistrano for WordPress, complete with push/pull capabilities.


[ˈwərd ˈmuːv]

Little Projects

WordPress Ghost

Create how many users (ghosts) you want with custom details. These users will be invisible in the users list in WP back end, and they won't be able to reset or edit their password. This software will automatically recreate all ghost users profiles when deleted.

Wordless for Sublime Text

Sublime Text Wordless Package is a collection of Wordless' helpers auto-completions for Sublime Text 2 and 3.
Speedup your Wordless workflow!

Users to CSV

This WordPress plugin allow you to export selected users details (default WordPress and users' meta fields) to CSV format.

Compass for Sublime Text

Sublime Text 2 Compass Package is a collection of Compass mixins autocompletions for Sublime Text 2.